Duties of Gas Safe Register

They improve safety standard on the installation and maintenance of gas appliances. They supervise and inspect the registered engineers to make sure they are very qualified to work with gas. They search and punish illegal gas fitters.

When they get a report of any unsafe gas work, they carry out an investigation concerning that. They educate individual gas owners on the appropriate ways to use the gas safely.

The Kind Of Things You Should Allow Registered Gas Safe Engineers To Do For You

They should be the only one to install.

They should be the only one to service or repair your gas boiler when it malfunctions. Never allow dodgy gas fitters do that for you.

They should be the only one to install or repair gas fire or hob.

This helps the appliances to work safely and efficiently too.


How You Can Easily Get A Registered Gas Engineer

Whatever is good is worth searching for. Because of the dangers associated with dodgy gas fitters, it worth all the effort to search for a registered gas engineer. To get them, you can go to their website and search using the name of the business.

There is always a sign to know a registered gas engineer and that is the Gas Safe triangle on their ID card, so check the ID card of whoever you have chosen if it has the triangle, also check the qualification on that same ID card.


Other things you check includes the license number, the state date and expiry date of the ID card, the engineer's photo, the kind of business the engineer can do because it is not all registered gas engineers that can do a particular work, and finally you check for the security hologram.

When you have decided on the registered engineer to call for the gas work, maintain to see the ID card when he finally comes and if the qualification you want is not what is written on the ID card, you have every right to tell him no. life does not have duplicate so we have to be careful how we do things especially things that have to do with gas.


Even as you insist on getting a registered gas engineers to work for you, there are some other things you too can do to ensure safety in your house. Make sure that your gas electrical devices like heaters, boilers or ovens are always taken for regular servicing by an expert and registered gas engineers.

We believe you have known the dangers of asking dodgy gas fitters to work for you. Deciding on your own to call them after knowing all these, is like deciding to call death to visit the family, which no normal individual can do.

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